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Yonder shop is a well designed space with unique, lovely, approachably designed items for your home, yourself, and your family. Every object in the store is selected because it has a story to tell. The approach is it's either well-designed, handmade, useful, beautiful, often all of the above. The aesthetic is modern while remaining warm and inviting.  There is a selection of the most contemporary makers in ceramics, mine and many others, and so much more to be explored and enjoyed. I am committed to being continually on the hunt for inspiring designers/makers who have a passion for what they do.

The storefront space was designed for flexibility.  Imagine a gathering place able to host monthly events showcasing great talent, gallery shows, and community events workshops, and trunk shows.

Sourdough Bread Making with Matt Kosoy


Sourdough Bread Making with Matt Kosoy

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Sourdough Bread Making with Matt Kosoy


Sunday, July 9 10am - 1pm 

Join us at YONDER for a wonderful hands on introduction to sourdough. Matt Kosoy is the Boatdock Bakery bread meister making some of the best bread we have every had!  In this workshop Matt will teach you the ins and outs, how to keep your starter healthy and making bread for you, how to shape your own loaf and make get started at home.   At the end of the workshop you will take home a starter, a loaf that is ready for baking, a proofing basket, and a tasty loaf of country bread made by Matt.   

Join us around the table, break bread with us! 

*we won't be baking in the class

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