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Yonder shop is a well designed space with unique, lovely, approachably designed items for your home, yourself, and your family. Every object in the store is selected because it has a story to tell. The approach is it's either well-designed, handmade, useful, beautiful, often all of the above. The aesthetic is modern while remaining warm and inviting.  There is a selection of the most contemporary makers in ceramics, mine and many others, and so much more to be explored and enjoyed. I am committed to being continually on the hunt for inspiring designers/makers who have a passion for what they do.

The storefront space was designed for flexibility.  Imagine a gathering place able to host monthly events showcasing great talent, gallery shows, and community events workshops, and trunk shows.

Hawaiian Acacia Koa


Hawaiian Acacia Koa

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Hawaiian Acacia Koa


Artist : Bob Lopaka Tang

The Acacia Koa Tree is native to Hawaii, this beautiful richly grained wood is believed to get its special deep red orange colour that resemble burning embers from the rich volcanic soil of the Hawaiian Islands.  These Lopaka bowls are meant to be kept for generations and revered as valued and rare object in Hawaiian language they are called "umeke" 

Care: Clean with damp cloth, occasional mineral oil for long life.

Dimensions: 9" diameter x 7" tall.

Bob Lopaka Tang was born in Hawaii and currently lives in Pacifica, California.  On his regular forays to Hawaii, Bob brings back prized pieces of Koa for new "umeke" bowls as well making other woodturnings with both traditional wood sources and San Francisco Bay Area urban street trees that are removed because of inconveniences, construction projects, or downed in storms.


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